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in that pic dio uses his stand, the world to stop time throws a roadroller on jotaro then makes the time flow back again

anime is now illegal

bring back dirtyinazumaconfessions


I always thought that Eva Gabor´s voice was the cherry on top of the big cake of sexiness in both Duchess and Miss Bianca, even though both of their sexiness levels were already dangerously high for an animal.

dirtydisneyconfessions is an international treasure


ok dude, i know you wanna fuck the granny queen from a bugs life, we’ve gotten your confession 385 fucking times, we get it, you love fucking old wrinkly ass ants, stop fucking submitting it.



DATING TIP: Hold the door for your date. Rip the door off its hinges. Use the door as a weapon to fight off other men. Establish dominance.



This scene is the first thing I ever knew about Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure